Priceless Pandas NFT

Taking Utility to the NEXT LEVEL

6,888 Unique Pandas To Generate Passive Income

Priceless Pandas NFT
Priceless Pandas NFT
Priceless Pandas NFT
Priceless Pandas NFT
Priceless Pandas NFT

What's a Priceless Panda?

Priceless Pandas NFT

Priceless Pandas is a club and community for NFT investors. We are determined to provide our holders with both valuable utility and true passive income to help them thrive in the NFT space as it evolves and eventually make a Metaverse for all Panda Holders.


We are ONLY focused on utilities when it comes to NFTs. We want to focus on adding value to our native Token and grow from there in order to integrate into other communities and build our Panda Metaverse.

ROADMAP 1.0 (2022)

Q2 2022 

Genesis collection, Prep for ERC-20 & Animated TV Show

Priceless Pandas first ETH chain genesis collection of 6.888 unique generated Pandas will be launched.

Preparation for ERC-20 governance token. Airdrop of ERC-20 token to be airdropped to our holders when ready.


Preparation of our animated TV show.

First season of the animated TV series to be launched. Our second collection will be launched alongside the TV series.


Parties and concerts will be held to hype our TV series, with rappers such as Drake, Lil Wayne and singers such as Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa to be on the list.


Preparation of our online game and universe (more info will come).

Priceless Pandas Roadmap
Priceless Pandas Welcome

Official ERC-20 governance token to be launched.


DAO will decide which metaverse land our community will acquire. DAO will decide which blue-chip NFT we will buy for giveaways amongst the panda owners.


Preparation for official ICO for native token and staking pool. Sneak-peek into the animated TV series. Launch of TV series short clips.

Alpha and Beta release of our Panda universe which will include games,

work, breeding, marketplace and more!


Preparations of our Panda movie. More to come!

Priceless Pandas Car

Q3 2022 

Launch of ERC-20 token, DAO, Prep for ICO & Staking pool, Sneak peek of TV Series 

Q3 & Q4 2022 

Launch of animated TV series & second collection, Events with artists performances, Prep for online game and universe 

Q4 2022 & 2023

Alpha & Beta release of Panda  Universe and many more to come



Priceless Pandas NFT

For the first season of the panda series, the profit percentage distribution will be as follows: 70% of ALL profits will be airdropped to Panda holders. 30% of ALL profits will be back to developing and creating more TV shows which will generate more revenue.

Priceless Pandas NFT

Welcome to Panda Investments LLC, here we will be investing in land on the metaverse through DAO. The properties will be rented out and 100% of the profits from the rentals will be redistributed equally to all priceless panda holders. 

Priceless Pandas NFT

Owning a priceless panda will grant you access to the panda universe. Here you'll be able access play to earn games and a marketplace where you'll be able to trade and sell pandas and panda items. 

Priceless Pandas NFT UTILITY


Priceless Pandas NFT UTILITY
Priceless Pandas NFT UTILITY
Priceless Pandas NFT UTILITY






Priceless Pandas NFT UTILITY


Priceless Pandas NFT UTILITY


Head Marketer


Lead Designer

And our 2D , 3D studio + bunch of professionals behind YPL Studios®️

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